Welcome to www.inpleinsight.com.   I'm Robert and this is where I plant my artworks for you to look at and enjoy.  Whether you got here through one of my business cards,  word of mouth or just art surfing the web, I'm glad you made it this way.  A little about me -  I'm an east coast transplant to Southern California.  Born in New Jersey in 1954 I ended up settling in San Diego during the last 10 years of a 30 year career in the Navy.  Upon leaving the service, I never thought in a million years that I'd be doing what I'm doing today but I've never been happier because of it.  

   Art to me has all elements of life.  It is challenging, frustrating, rewarding, creative, inconsistant, individual, growing, flowing and very spiritual.   Anyone who picks up a pencil or a brush and put it to paper or canvas is creating a work of art no matter the topic.  The mind transforms from worry about everyday minutia and things we have absolutely no control over and transports to a space that voids out all that clutter and insanity.  It is here I find myself.  It is here I am comfortable. It is here I find peace. 

   As I am focussed primarily on landscapes, it is here I also travel.  Through my works I find out more, see more, and feel more about these places than I ever could by a quick visit.   My art forces me to study every nook and valley of my subject.  I makes me see, not just look.  It is a true form of meditation disguised as work.   I find myself observing a scene in my everyday travels and my mind goes into "How would I paint That" mode.  

  I've been painting for over five years now and have 45 works here to date.  Most are large.  24 x 48 inches,  24 x 36 inches.  It takes me about a month and about 300 to 500 hours to put together one of my paintings.  I love watching it grow day by day from the initial drawing and outline, creation of form and design balance to the first touch of paint on the canvas to the final stages of detail and touch-up.   

     All works are limited edtion and signed by me.  I offer various sizes of each print to accomodate your space.   I also offer custom framing, all wood, very nice.  I want you to be truly happy with your purchase decision.  Art is important and so are you.  If your are interested in buying and original work, please call me directly at 619-840-7693 to discuss.   Life's to short so enjoy the ride? 

Most Sincerely      Robert

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My Next Show will be: Mission Federal Artwalk, Little Italy, San Diego in April 2016.  More info to follow.

Business Sale Late 2015:  Heritage Retirement Advisors in Rancho Bernardo purchased my Balboa Park series for their offices along with the San Diego Cityscape and Santa Catalina Island panorama collection.  

Residential Sale in 2015:   The Santa Catalina Island Foursome Panorama.  20 x 24 inches each in black floater frames.  

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Robert at former Crave Yogurt, , San Diego.  I am looking for a new place to display the bulk of my portfollio.  If your business in interested and has the wall space, please contact me directly to see it it would be a good fit for both.  

Art Displayed At The San Diego Yacht Club

 2014 - 15, San Diego Yacht Club Art Committee contacted me about diplaying my art in the main dining room of their clubhouse.  Displayed 4 of my Original works exclusively for five months. 

Robert's works hanging in the main dining room of the San Diego Yacht Club  

The San Diego Yacht Club Harbor Basin.  Painted for the Club.  I will do commissions to embellish Giclee' prints with members sailing vessels.  Call me at 619-840-7693


My Booth at the recent Mission Federal Credit Union, ArtWalk in Little Italy in April 2015.

All The Best To You And Yours....Go look at some art and Thank You For Visiting!